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Vintage Movie Projector


I'am an Model, Actor and Director. Earlier I started my career by trying my hand in Modelling, But finally Acting was my call. I'am active in the Industry from  18 years. 

I started my journey in movies by featuring in the staring role in a number of films such as "MAGADI" , "PAGADE", "KADHIMARU", "SAGAR", "BHAGAVANTHA KAIKOTTA", "KSHANA KSHANA", "GOWDARA DARBAR" & "HAWALA". Also went on to feature in a lead role as hero in "DOMBARATA" of TULU Language and titular role in "DEYI BAIDETHI" which went on to win '3 STATE AWARDS' and acted in a TAMIL such as "SEMBULAM" as HERO & "KADHAL NILAVE", followed by HINDI movies "HAWALA"  , "PYAAR KA CHAAND" and have worked in KANNADA Webseries "PSYCHO" 

I went on to showcase my talent in kannada television industry by featuring in serials, my Debut show was "CHITTE HEJJE" Directed by known  Director VINU BALANJA, Followed by the staring role in the soap opera "SWATHI MUTHU"  in titular dumb and playful natured boy, Directed by  the famous Director DINESH BABOO whose also known as the "MALAYALI MANTRIK" in the industry. then went on to do "MEGHA MAYURI", "MYNA", "E BANDHANA", "AGNI SAKSHI", "JAI ANJANEYA", "NEELAMBARI" &  "YARIVALU". 

I Went on to try my hand in Direction department as CO-DIRECTOR for "DEYI BAIDETHI" Which won 3 STATE AWARDS & My Directorial Debut multilangual movie "HAWALA". 

I have had a fruitful & fulfilling journey & many more to explore. The experience which i have gained by playing different roles have enchanced me as an ACTOR, DIRECTOR and Mainly as a PERSON. My performance have excelled by each passing day. there is many more to add on to this list in coming days....

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